The power of natural oils – Pracaxi and other hair regenerating oils. Discover the best products

Pracaxi oil – This is one of the more unusual hair oils. It is very unique and (unfortunately) not generally available. Its strong rejuvenating properties and the presence of a unique fatty acid (behenic) make Pracaxi oil highly desirable especially in hair care products. It is an essential oil that inhibits the


Hair line with pracaxi oil from Cativa. How does it work?

Pracaxi oil is an exotic traveller, which native lands are the tropical regions of South America. It comes from clean, uncontaminated areas of the world. Cold pressed pracaxi oil can be added to hair care products and is a great remedy for any problems connected with hair and scalp. Pacaxi oil is


Pracaxi oil – for what hair type?

Did you know that natural oil you use for hair oil treatment vary depending on the content of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids? Did you know that acids in every group (omega – 3, omega – 6, omega – 7 and omega – 9) and saturated acids are made of particles with