The power of natural oils – Pracaxi and other hair regenerating oils. Discover the best products

Pracaxi oil – This is one of the more unusual hair oils. It is very unique and (unfortunately) not generally available. Its strong rejuvenating properties and the presence of a unique fatty acid (behenic) make Pracaxi oil highly desirable especially in hair care products. It is an essential oil that inhibits the ageing process, takes great care of the scalp and, in addition, it smooths and protects shine of even exceptionally dry and dull strands.

Pracaxi is responsible for the regeneration and strengthening of the hair, and its effects are noticeable after the first application of the oil: the hair becomes moisturised, elastic and full of vitality. Pracaxi works quickly and very effectively, leaving healthy hair and – above all – beautiful. Unfortunately, due to the rather awkward process of obtaining oil (about 200 flowers contain only one fruit from which the oil can be produced) Pracaxi is a luxurious and precious product.

To regenerate your hair, you do not have to browse through the internet for cosmetics with Pracaxi oil. There are many other high-quality oils and, more available products that show the beautifying moisturisng and regenerating hair properties. In the search for ideal products, the following list will definitely help: it presents some top-rated cosmetics based on natural oils. Thanks to them, your strands will gain strength and begin to grow healthy, strong and beautiful.


irreplaceable oil for hair NanoilNanoil is the perfect blend of natural oils, released in 3 versions, to best fit the specific porosity (structure) of the hair. Each of the three versions differs slightly regarding the selection of natural oils and hair conditioning ingredients. In total, up to 16 high-quality oils were used to create the Nanoil Hair Oils, and they were enriched with a range of nutritive and regenerating substances responsible for boosting growth and inhibiting the loss of hair. This makes Nanoil a unique and innovative hair product that will outclass all other cosmetics based on essential oils available on the market. Nanoil is also free of parabens, silicones and other substances that may interfere with the natural functions of the scalp or dry your hair.


Kerastase elixir utime oleo complexeKerastase Hair Oil is a very good elixir for hair conditioning, beautifying and facilitating the styling of dry and frizzy strands. Kerastase Elixir Ultime comes with a few oils, including the discussed, exotic and prestigious Pracaxi oil. In addition, there is also Argan oil (protects from high temperature), Camellia oil (with antiseptic and smoothing action) and Corn oil (with moisturising and soothing properties) available. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe can be used on both dry and damp hair, but due to the presence of silicones it should not be applied to the scalp. Oleo Comlexe applied in small quantities is well absorbed and does not overburden the hair.


Bamboo kendi oilAlterna is a light oil with an atomizer, designed for the care and regeneration of strands that are frizzy and extremely dry. The product has been released in two versions, and its twin version is a slightly heavier and denser consistency that comes in a bottle equipped with a pipette. Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Spray is intended for hair that is frizzy but at the same time easily overburdened with inappropriate styling. The natural oils as well as the bamboo leaf extract contained in it, make the product have strong hair conditioning properties. Kendi oil contains edible Passion Fruit extract (maracuja) and extract from Aleurites moluccanus (Kukui Nut Tree or Candlenut), which take care of the elasticity and vitality of the hair. Jojoba oil protects and takes care of the hair fibres. Alterna Kendi Oil can be applied many times during the day – always when the hair starts to lose its beauty or become dry.