Pracaxi oil – for what hair type?

Did you know that natural oil you use for hair oil treatment vary depending on the content of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids?

pracaxi-oil.jpgDid you know that acids in every group (omega – 3, omega – 6, omega – 7 and omega – 9) and saturated acids are made of particles with different size? The size of these particles determines for what hair type can the given oil be used.

For example: small particles of saturated fatty acids match exclusively healthy and thick hair with low porosity. Other types of hair can, sadly, frizz after use of this oil.

It happens that you don’t know your hair porosity, or it is hard for you to determine it once and for all. Most people in the world have medium porosity hair, significant number of women (due to lightening, straightening, colourisation and wrong care) has high porosity hair, i.e. extremely damaged. Only small percentage of people can praise on fact that they have low porosity hair in good condition. It often happens that “new” hair that are close to the scalp are healthier than the damaged, high porosity ends. Then hair care and choice of right oil for hair can be a challenge.

In case like this, it is best to reach for oil with balanced saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Then you gain confidence that oil takes care of both medium porosity and high porosity hair.

Such oil is, for instance pracaxi oil. It contains 50% oleic acid in omega-9 group. This makes pracaxi oil take care of medium porosity hair. However, not many people know that the amount of the remaining (saturated) fatty acids in pracaxi oil (e.g. myristic acid, palmitic acids, stearic acid, behenic acid) is equal in percentage to oleic acid. For this reason the ratio between fatty acids in pracaxi oil is 50:50. The conclusion is obvious: pracaxi oil as one of few will take care of both medium porosity and low porosity hair. Pracaxi oil will be perfect for hair that are thick and healthy at the roots, but their ends start to lose the condition and become damaged.

Pracaxi oil supports cell renewal in skin cells, protects hair against damages, deeply nourishes. What’s more, pracaxi oil strengthens hair bulbs and makes hair stop falling out. In a great way it will take care of ends, preventing them from splitting. Regular use of pracaxi oil can smoother hair, provide them with elasticity and make strands easier to comb after the shower.