Exotic regeneration for hair. Skin Blossom Conditioner with Pracaxi Oil

The appearance and volume:

Skin Blossom Conditioner is a product with content of 85% of organic ingredients. It was placed in a large bottle (300 ml/10.1 fl. oz.) equipped in a pump. Thanks to this adjustment, the product is amazingly easy to apply on hair.

The composition:

Skin Blossom is made of natural, organic ingredients. The most important ingredient used in it is cold pressed pracaxi oil. This is an exotic and amazingly precious oil. Pracaxi oil is known for its regenerating and nourishing properties on hair. It fixes the hair structure, improves collagen and keratin production. Pracaxi oil retains water in cells and does not allow toxic substances to penetrate hair structure, so it protects hair against damages.

Skin Blossom formula with pracaxi oil was enriched with plants and herbs extracts. There are, among many: strengthening rosemary, bergamot for protection against damages, palmarosa oil extract, that retains water in inner hair structures and citrus that soften hair and cleanse scalp, while regulating sebum secretion. For the nourishment and moisture is responsible aloe and jojoba oil.


Due to the diversity of various ingredients, which are fully natural and safe, Skin Blossom Conditioner with pracaxi oil is dedicated for all hair types. It will take care of sensitive scalp that is easy subjected to irritations. Pracaxi oil can also take care of overly dry and damaged hair. The difference in appearance and touch will be visible after its first use.

Method of use:

Skin Blossom with pracaxi oil apply on washed, damp hair. It should be applied with avoidance of the scalp, kept few minutes on strands then rinsed with warm water.