Pracaxi oil is one of the most exotic substances used in body and hair care...

It is obtained from the seeds of trees growing in the forests of South America. It has light yellow colour and nutty scent. If you suffer from excessive hair loss and your scalp requires deep nourishment, you must try out pracaxi oil.

It is a component of many cosmetics, has beneficial influence on hair and skin and contains a variety of natural substances. The cosmetic has a lightweight consistency, is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy layer on the surface of hair and skin. It has nurturing and healing properties. Additionally, it brightens scars and pigmentation, helps curing skin infections caused by bacteria. Pracaxi oil is also used in hair care.

How to get to professional hair care? Nanoil argan oil instead of pracaxi oil

  Hair care is a priority for many women whereas vegetable oils are their top choice when it comes to hair products. However, we must know that oils aren’t equally effective and valuable. That’s why we’re examining two products of this kind today. Pracaxi oil vs argan oil – which one is

The power of natural oils – Pracaxi and other hair regenerating oils. Discover the best products

Pracaxi oil – This is one of the more unusual hair oils. It is very unique and (unfortunately) not generally available. Its strong rejuvenating properties and the presence of a unique fatty acid (behenic) make Pracaxi oil highly desirable especially in hair care products. It is an essential oil that inhibits the

Hair line with pracaxi oil from Cativa. How does it work?

Pracaxi oil is an exotic traveller, which native lands are the tropical regions of South America. It comes from clean, uncontaminated areas of the world. Cold pressed pracaxi oil can be added to hair care products and is a great remedy for any problems connected with hair and scalp. Pacaxi oil is

Exotic regeneration for hair. Skin Blossom Conditioner with Pracaxi Oil

The appearance and volume: Skin Blossom Conditioner is a product with content of 85% of organic ingredients. It was placed in a large bottle (300 ml/10.1 fl. oz.) equipped in a pump. Thanks to this adjustment, the product is amazingly easy to apply on hair. The composition: Skin Blossom is made of

Pracaxi oil – for what hair type?

Did you know that natural oil you use for hair oil treatment vary depending on the content of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids? Did you know that acids in every group (omega – 3, omega – 6, omega – 7 and omega – 9) and saturated acids are made of particles with

What influence has pracaxi oil on hair? The product contains behenic acid at a concentration of 19%. Such substances provides hair with amazing shine and softness. What is more, it protects strands from damaging external factors, harmful sun radiation, pollution, sea salt water and some components included in styling cosmetics. Behenic acid contained in pracaxi oil has strong moisturising effects. It protects hair from water and keratin loss, regenerates split ends and prevents frizz ans static. Did you know that behemic acid has emulsifying properties? It means that it is easily combined with other oils or beautifying cosmetics, for example in the liquid state.

How to use pracaxi oil? The cosmetic can be used on its own or as an addition to hair masks or shampoos. Take a small amount of the product and warm up in your hands. Then, apply on hair and/or scalp. Pracaxi oil will be perfect for hair oiling. How to do it? Apply a few drops of oil evenly on your strands and wrap in a towel. Leave the cosmetic in overnight and wash your hair in the morning. Thanks to such treatment your wisps will gain the proper level of moisture, will be easier to style and combing will become easier and quicker. What is more, your hair will be strengthen, stop falling out and your scalp will be tamed.

How to create your own blend of oils? Pracaxi oil blends perfectly with the majority of cosmetic oils. Make sure to select those, that will help you deal with your beauty problems. You might as well take a closer look at the content of essential fatty acids. Pracaxi oil can be combined with argan or camellia oil. If you add it to a mask, it will nourish and strengthen your hair. The product does not have any highlighting or darkening properties. Therefore, whether you are blonde or brunette, you can feel free to use it.